Commercial Energy Compensation

Do you really know how much you are paying for energy?

Commercial Energy Compensation

YSBA are here to help your business make a claim for the money you could be owed.

Commercial Energy Compensation.

 Is your business owed money due to mis-sold energy contracts?

With no regulator in the energy broker market, it is estimated that over 90% of contracts placed by brokers are mis-sold.

Commercial Energy Compensation

Increase in Energy Rates

Most of us just accept our business energy rates rising every year.  Many Brokers will tell you it's just how it is.  It's just the state of the market. You may be shocked to learn this often isn't the case.

Commercial Energy Compensation

Locked into a long term contract

This is another issue business owners have faced.  A broker promotes a long-term contract as the best possible price (and more commission for them) whilst not even showing what you can achieve on short term prices.

Commercial Energy Compensation

Hidden Commission

Brokers owe you a duty of care.  To act in good faith, avoid conflict of interest and not to make a secret profit.  Many brokers make deceptive statements about how they are paid and it can cost you in higher energy bills.

Did you know that 100% of our clients that have used a broker, have been entitled to claim compensation?

Customers served! £ 53121 How much could you claim?


We understand how it feels for your business to be taken advantage of and that's why we want to help.

Commercial Energy Compensation
Commercial Energy Compensation

They convinced you that it was the best price.

They told you that a contract was the best possible price and without showing you competing quotes from a suppliers.  You may have been mis-sold. We can help. 

Commercial Energy Compensation

They said there was no need to talk to the supplier.

They assured you that they would take care of everything and insisted that there was no need to talk to the supplier direct. You may have been mis-sold. We can help. 

Commercial Energy Compensation

They were vague about what they earn.

They avoided detailing exactly what they earn in commission and how they earn it meaning it could be on your bill.  You may have been mis-sold.  We can help. 

Over 50% of businesses have used an energy broker in the last 10 years. Meaning up to half of all UK companies are currently paying over the odds for their business energy.

Only 5% of business that used a broker know how the broker is paid. The mis-selling scandal is vast.

Here's how

Your Small Business Advisor

can help your business make a claim

The team at YSBA are on a mission to shine a light on this scandal. Our team of experienced energy and claims experts with a panel of solicitors are helping businesses across the UK by fighting back against brokers and energy suppliers, helping companies exit expensive contracts and claim compensation for their troubles.

Typically, there are 5 key hallmarks of mis-sold energy contracts. How many of these are familiar with your own dealings with your broker(s)?

Business Energy Compensation

No Fee

You did not pay a fee for the broker’s work, and you do not know what they earned. You were told that the supplier paid them, or it was a free service.

Business Energy Compensation

Long Contract

They promoted long term contracts as the best priced contracts, possibly not even showing you shorter term prices.

Business Energy Compensation

No Competition

They told you they were searching the market, but they only showed you one or a handful of prices.

Business Energy Compensation

Early Renewal

They tried to switch or renew your contract more than 6 months before the contract end date.

Business Energy Compensation

No Contact

They did not let you speak to the supplier directly throughout the process.

The team at Your Small Business Advisors are here to bring trust back to the energy market by standing up for businesses who have paid hidden commission on mis-sold energy contracts.

We have a team of energy claims experts and a panel of solicitors who are determined to help businesses across the UK who have unknowingly paid often significant hidden commission payments. Our experts can help your company find out if you have been charged hidden commission and, if so, bring a claim on your behalf for compensation.

As energy industry and claims mis-selling experts, we have worked for various companies achieving compensation for mis-selling for a number of years and understand the implications for businesses who find themselves in this situation.

Commercial Energy Compensation.

Free Initial Consultation

Free Contract Test

No Win, No Fee

Dedicated Solicitor

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Are you ready to escape your overly priced business energy contract?

If you have dealt with a broker there is a 9/10 chance you have been mis-sold. The team at YSBA can assist. Test your contract and start your No Win, No Fee claim today by filling out the enquiry form. We offer a completely free initial consultation and can help you claim compensation for mis-sold business energy clain and Business Energy contracts.

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